Commonwealth Pain & Spine is dedicated to improving the lives of the patients in our care by respecting their pain and by passionately delivering to them only the most innovative, safe, responsible and clinically proven pain relief possible.  It is our mission to provide patients with a complete and  comprehensive “toolbox” of pain relief options. What works for some patients doesn’t work for all. Often, finding the right pain management treatment plan can be trial and error.

Our CBD Journey.

In the spirit of providing not only comprehensive but evolving, state-of-the-art treatments and therapies, we began offering our patients full spectrum hemp extract in 2018.  This emerging supplement continues to be researched, tested and analyzed for its pain relieving and ancillary benefits.  At first launch, our intent was simple -  educate our physician staff, understand the position hemp extract has in our multi-modal approach and, if the patient is going to otherwise seek poor quality, ineffective products at convenience stores and over the internet, provide them with easy access to the best products on the market at the clinic level.  Patients that purchase Full Spectrum CBD products made with only the highest quality, independently lab tested hemp extract have a much better chance for positive outcomes.


After two years of extensive research (and after receiving hundreds of success stories from our patients), we are proud to announce the launch of the Commonwealth Pain & Spine exclusive lineup of Broad Spectrum CBD Hemp Extracts. These products are only available to our patients and are offered only in Professional Strength tincture drops and topical ointments.  Our products are physician-formulated with some of the purest and most effective ingredients available. These 100% THC Free CBD products are made with 99+% pure CBD isolate sourced from only the most trusted suppliers. In our commitment to quality, every batch of CBD hemp extract used in our products is third-party tested using high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) by an ISO certified lab to ensure consistency of quality and potency. Our suppliers are meticulous and uncompromising when it comes to quality.  What that means for you is the confidence in knowing every Commonwealth Pain & Spine product is of the quality and quantity of cannabinoids you expect and deserve for the price.

Feel Well. Be Well.